Some of the most common reasons companies give for NOT getting coverage on business and financial news programmes:

Broadcast interviews are too time-consuming.

Having broadcasters’ crews at an event can be demanding, disruptive and time-consuming. It’s equally true that a CEO’s busy schedule can’t always accommodate a tour of broadcasters’ studios. Our solution – used over many years by clients as varied as Gold Fields, Standard Bank, WPP and Zurich Financial Services – is to set up outside broadcast facilities at the announcement venue. With our own producer and crew on site we can deliver live satellite-linked interviews with major broadcasters time-efficiently from almost anywhere in the world. As a bonus, an unusual and interesting location can enhance the story.

Our CEO is too busy on an important day.

On the day of any major announcement a CEO’s time is pressured. As financial professionals, investors and commentators increasingly rely on broadcast and on-line media for news and up-to-date information, many companies believe that broadcast interviews are just too important to miss out. We make the broadcast process as calm, controlled and convenient as possible and can deliver as many as five international interviews in an hour on channels such as CNBC, Bloomberg, BBC World and CNN without a CEO leaving his or her chair.

Broadcasters aren’t interested in our company.
This may be true, but sometimes broadcasters simply don’t know enough about a company to decide whether or not they are interested. A fresh objective eye on a business and how it tells its story may help to raise its profile with broadcasters.

Broadcasters will send a reporter if they are interested.

Newsrooms face many demands on limited resources and stories tend to fall into ‘must have’, ‘nice to have’ or ‘not interested’ categories. For any company that knows major broadcasters don’t follow its announcements regularly it can be a lottery to rely on crews attending an announcement.

We don’t need broadcast coverage.

Today few companies can afford to ignore the importance of broadcast coverage. Business and financial professionals world-wide use broadcast and web channels as primary sources because editorial output is specifically targeted to their needs, selected on merit by trusted gatekeepers and augmented with constantly updated market information. Convergence of broadcast and on-line media allows viewers to access and share broadcast content conveniently across time zones.

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